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Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia is a turn-based JRPG, set in a fantasy world named Cindrivia. This game is made on RPG Maker VX Ace by Ryan Entertainment Studio. This game is free-to-play,  which means you have to pay nothing to experience. However, we will be very grateful if a small donation is made.  We are also developing the sequel called "Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Record of Valkadia", so if you feel interested, please visit our Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/RyanEntertainmentStudio 

The public demo of the sequel "Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Record of Valkadia" is now available here: https://ryan-entertainment.itch.io/a-record-of-valkadia-demo

To download the game, please follow our provided Google Drive link. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience because of 750 MB limited by Itch.io

Estimated Playtime: 20 Hours

  • General Story

Hundred years ago, The Illuminati Order, originally formed by a demon named Lucifer, plunged the whole world into Chaos. With his mighty power, he slowly corrupted this living world. Fortunately, six remarkable warriors, calling themselves Warriors of The Holy Alliance, possessed the power of faith and justice, stood against The Illuminati as the last hope of Cindrivia. With the help of the Heavenly Artifacts sent down by Aina The Goddess of Night, they finally put an end to Lucifer and his Illuminati Order. The world of Cindrivia then found peace again for decades later. And now The Illuminati is coming back again, being lead by a mysterious wizard so-called Ryan The Illuminator. The existence of Cindrivia and even The Yggdrasil Tree is in danger once again. 

  • Highlighted features:

- Turn-based ATB battle system: Actions are depended on this system to be performed during a battle. Just be patient and wait for your ATB gauges to be filled.

- Manual Stat Distribution: There are four stats that you can distribute by yourself to build up your characters. They are Vitality, Strength, Dextirity and Mentality which directly affect your characters' power.

- Day & Night Circle + Lighting Effect System:  We do provide a day-night circle which can affect some of your actions in game and also an awesome light effect system to enhance the visual effects of the game.

- Quest & Achievement System: As a must-have in every RPG game, we divide our quests into two types: Main Quests and Side Quests. Completing the main quests provides you a full understanding of the story while the side quests and achievements provide you handsome rewards to make your journey much easier.

- Crafting and Enhancing Equipments: Defeating monsters, collecting the materials from them to craft some unique equipment. The equipment can also be enhanced (+1, +2, etc) to provide better stats. Over 100 items to be discovered!

- Class Changing System: You can change your characters' classes to higher ones when they reach a certain level. This will provide them a better bonus to their parameters and some more new skills.


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Hello! Love the game, really enjoying it. But I've run into some difficulty beating the boss in the forest south of Nilfheim (I'm bad at remembering names!) He keeps spamming zombification, is there a way to reverse it or am I going to have to keep trying my luck? I tried to find a walkthrough or wikia online and didn't see anything come up, sorry for commenting on the game page like this. Cheers! :)

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Hi. Thank you for playing and enjoying the game. If I remember correctly, this boss you are talking about is the Black Knight (or Death Knight, Dark Knight maybe). Could you tell me which difficulty you are playing? I do not recommend Deathwish or Hard mode. The Deathwish is kinda troll mode (enemies are too strong), while Hard mode might require a very proper stats investment, and a lot of luck. About the Black Knight, you were right about him. This fight is partially based on luck, but there is still a strategy to deal with it. You can try adding more AGI than STR to your Treasure Hunter, so he will be able act more before the Black Knight's turn comes and make use of his DPS (Poison, Bleed) because these kinds of damage are based on enemy's max HP. Adding AGI also raises LUK points, which reduces the chance of being affected by negative states. Do not forget VIT for your team. It provides more HP and DEF so you can be more durable.


Hello! Thank you for replying! I'm playing on Normal mode. I was finally able to beat him, you're right -- I just got lucky the fourth time around. Regardless, though, your advice on how Poison and Bleed works is really useful, I'll definitely keep it in mind as I continue to play!  I'm really enjoying it, it's so clear how much work and love went into making the game. Thank you so much for making it :D

Glad to hear that. Just feel free to ask if you have other questions. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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I do! Haha. I'm so sorry and also thank you :D

I wish there was a way to tag spoilers. Uh, spoilers ahead for anyone reading!

After beating the M Wolf and Ethan confronting Ryan on his own, after he unleashes a power I've not seen before, the screen freezes and I can't move forward. This has happened twice at the same place. Can you advise?

(I've uploaded the screenshot to imgur just because I don't want to spoil things, but the cursor goes off and does its own thing: https://imgur.com/6BwcZAC )

*Edit: I figured out what needed to happen to progress; I turned Ethan's sword on himself and that did the trick :D

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I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Some players also reported this issue before. At the cutscene, after using the ultimate power on Ryan, Ethan should be defeated automatically (as you can see each hit also hurt himself). He should not be left alive with 1 HP. In this case, please try getting one more level and put more point to his VIT or STR, making his HP becomes xxxy, or xxy (with the last digit y higher than 5, like 1506, or 967) before going into this cutscene. 

Technically, this issue is caused by the damage formula, which takes 10% of Ethan's Max HP per hit (10 hits total), but it is rounded. Following by this xxxy HP formula I mentioned above, if Ethan's HP is 951 (with y = 1 < 5), the damage per hit is 95,1 and it will be rounded down to 95. After 10 hits, he will have 1 HP left and the cutscene is broken. But if his HP is 956 (with y = 6 >5), the damage per hit is 95.6 and it will be rounded up to 96, and he will definitely be defeated.

I can make another patch about this, but it is kinda dangerous to your save files, because i have not touched this game files for years (I have been busy developing the sequel of this game), so there is no guarantee that the new patch will not cause new issues, which might corrupt your current save files.

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My husband and I made it through the Redwood Tree and Mask puzzle just fine this time! Still enjoying playing very much..  Got a quick question, where do we find the "Mist Ocean"???  According to the quest directions, suppose to leave and sail to Sanshain Town from Cindrivia and cross the mist ocean.. But the ship is docked at seaport HELP PLEASE! Thanks in Advance for Help

The Gardner's

PS Had to open another account  here, my other is not working.

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You can get to Mist Ocean by going South from Cindalia City. Just get to the Cindalia Dock and find Chris' quartermaster (I forgot her name). She is waiting for you there. Talk to her and she will ask you if you want to set sail.


Thanks! we found it all ok.


Well so far so good! after placing the newest patch all is well again! there was no problems with the game until we was fighting the big bad "M" wolf and it kept freezing the game and had to go back to the save crystal, and had to do that arrow puzzle seemed like 20 times! to fight all over again and it freeze! anyways the patch worked along with taking all of the (healing armor) OFF Ethan for that fight. ..

Now, we do need some help on this next task please, we are having trouble solving this riddle: " When the eye of night reaches the peak, touch the wooden mask and it shall lead the way"  

We did find the stone by the way for the nest.. the rest we have been ALL over and come up with no clue of what or where to go next to finish this out..  Thanks in advance for any help with this.

The Gardners

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I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. Some players reported this problem to me before, but I was not be able to reproduce on my side, thus I could not find out what was the real cause of this. And about the puzzle you are asking, I'm sure you have found and exposed the mask on the Red Giantwood (or Giant Redwood), right? I think I will give you some hints about this first.

- About the "Eye of the night": What can you see in the clear night sky? Use your imagination to know what an "eye" is. It can only be seen at night after the sunset.

- Next, if you have figured out what the "eye" is, try to find out the time it reaches the highest point in the sky. Be fast because it won't last long.

I hope this will help you to solve this puzzle. It is one of my favorite when I designed this game.

P/s: I have seen your post on RPG Maker forum about Aiko's trial (Holy Priest). If you haven't managed to finish it before the invasion, you MUST deal with the invasion first until the battle is done (from Step 96 of the Main Quest if I remember correctly) , then you can go back to the Cathedral and finish the trial.


Thank-You once again, deeply appreciated. No, we haven't found the mask on the tree yet but we will go back and try again to try and finish this puzzle. You are a very clever man! My husband and I have had to really brush the cobwebs out to figure them out... keep up the good work!

Just a suggestion if we may, for us "Older Players" it is very difficult  to do speed puzzles because of our arthritic fingers and hands.. could you keep us oldies in mind when programing other games please.

We are looking so forward to tackling the next game of yours..  The style of characters and programing is a lot like the "Aveyond"series which we dearly love. Thumbs up to you for coming on to this field!

The Gardners

Thanks for your compliment.  And according to your comment on RPG Maker web, I assume that you have found the "Stone Egg" near the tree. Try to put it to where it should be on the tree, and the mask will reveal itself. When I designed this game, I was into the puzzle things too much (because my very first game was a puzzle one). Now to think of it, sometimes it makes players feel frustrated. That's why I have decided to reduce the difficulty, as well as the number of puzzles in my next game, to focus more on "RPG" element than "RPG - Puzzle". Thank you for enjoying the game, and stay tuned for the upcoming public demo of "Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Record of Valkadia".


Yes, we found the egg and fed it to the tree, but did not see a mask. What can we do to have it show again? we are seriously stuck here. Is there another egg or something to activate the tree? 

You will not receive the mask. It is a part of the tree, once you put the egg into the nest, and that is the mask I'm talking about. Just come back there at the time when the "eye of the night" reaches the highest point and you will see. In case you want to skip 6 hours (in-game time), go to the Inn and take a rest there.


Well.. Both my husband and I made the decision to start all over from the beginning.. we figured there was no way to solve the problem of the mask and tree. We did everything suggested and nothing worked. Actually by going back to start, we were able to pick up things, money and experience more so than before. When we arrive back to the tree again, we know what to look for now and will pay more attention and hopefully this round.. get it to work! Will inform you when it happens, wish us good luck! oh by the way... the patch is still working well.

The Gardners

I often avoid giving direct answers to solve the puzzles, but in worst case if you get stuck for too long and want to know the answers to keep going on the story, I can help you solve them. Anyway, good luck on your second run. I hope things will be working well for your two this time. 

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Fantastic Game! My husband and I play side by side on our lap tops! we help each other by trading information back and forth as we play! 

Just have a question if we may.. we are kinda stuck trying to find the "Advisor" step #72 at the cliffs.. we have both done the  caves and rebuilding the railroad tracks, blowing the cave opening with the coal car to the dessert.  We have fought all around and below the cliffs and have no clue what to do next or where to go to find the advisor. Any help would be deeply appreciated!  Thanks in advance  The Gardners

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Thank you for playing and enjoying the game. And about your problem, if I recall correctly, the Advisor is located center of Spiral Cliffs. You can find him there and he will guide you to the next step of your main quest. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me here, or better send a message to my facebook page. I'm also developing the sequel, and if you feel interested, please follow my facebook page for more information.


Thank-You ever-so-much for the quick response! this has impressed both of us to no end! we shall follow you and your game and games of the future! the quality is very enjoyable indeed! 

You make two (Older) gamers really have to think and use all our experience to figure some of your puzzles, but; the challenges have been worth it all.  Thanks again, and we will go to your facebook page also. 

The Gardners

Was this made in VX Ace?

Sure i mad it with VX Ace

Well can I ask you something about it?

Sure. If possible, i'm glad to help.

Would you like it if I helped bring this over from VX Ace to MV? I think I can give it a go?

I once thought of this, but I have been working on the sequel of this game on MV for almost two years already, so unfortunately I don't really have much time to work on this port.

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Looks like my review was too big to post here, so I created a account and posted on the forums HERE and it's waiting moderator approval.

As I said in the first comment, this is one of the best RPG games I’ve ever played and the amount of work, dedication, passion and effort will not get past unnoticed by me.

Total playtime: 49:55:24

Difficulty played: Hard mode

Total rating: 9,5/10

Looking foward to the sequel! :D


One of the best rpg games I've ever played, everything looks and feels excelent, I've played 12h and I will post a complete review of the game, after I'm done playing on the Hard difficulty. Absolutely amazing work!


Thank you for your interest in our game, and we are very glad that you have enjoyed it so far. Players' feedbacks are always a great help for us to make better games in the future. We are also working on the sequel, and if you feel interested, please visit our official fanpage on Facebook for more information.


Thanks for replying. It makes me feel very happy that this game will be getting a sequel and I'll definitely play it as well. Later I'll check your fanpage on facebook for updates, you already had my like. Currently I'm on 27h of gameplay, in Cindalia City. Loved everything so far and also I'm writing down the minor details that in my opinion needed some fixes or changes, but those are only few in comparison to the rest. Ethan is my favorite character so far, and he also kicked my ass the first time we fought :D, I'll come back after finishing the game

We will be looking forward to your detailed feedbacks to improve the quality of our next games. Thank you very much!


Hello I'm back again. Currently on Ryan's castle and I don't know how to pass this puzzle --> https://imgur.com/VQFaMUz . The one with darts. Since I don't play darts, I googled the scores to try to get past this. According to the scoresheets the results goes for Purple = 12 + 9 = 21.  Teal = 40 + 3 = 43. Yellow = 4 + 8 = 12. So Purple + Yellow + Teal = 76. And It says It's the wrong password. Am I doing something wrong? I need your help because this part is blocking me from progressing


You can find the answer HERE (Inside the Hint box) :) 


Doesn't download

Is the download link not working?